Yes, you can print stealth postage labels using Ordoro.

What does “stealth postage” mean?

Normally when you print a postage label from USPS, it will show the actual cost on the top right of the label. But there is an option to “hide” that postage from the label.

stealth postage

Image via Endicia

How do you print stealth USPS labels using Ordoro?

In Ordoro, all USPS labels are created using “Stealth Postage”.

Why Would you use “Stealth Postage”?

You are an eCommerce pro.  That means you likely charge a flat rate for shipments or  have shipping  built into product  price.  However if your workflow has your customer  pay for specific shipping method /class you have the option to select a different class .  If you are  well versed in the shipment time or best path to get product to your client Ordoro gives you the freedom to choose whichever shipment method and class you deem best and not reveal cost to your customer.  This can provide a shipping cost buffer in situations of unexpected product or packing cost.

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