When creating PB Standard labels, there are Additional Options available in Ordoro for your packages. This includes Delivery Confirmation, Dangerous Goods categorization, etc.

  • To learn more about setting up PB Standard, please see this support article.

PB Standard Additional Shipping Options

1. Select an order and view the Shipping Label panel.

2. Click Additional Options. Optional services will be displayed. See below for details.

  1. Enable Notifications
    1. When this checkbox is selected, Ordoro sends the ship-to email address to PB Standard.
    2. PB Standard will then email your customer transit/delivery updates.
  2. Delivery Confirmation
    1. Additional delivery options like Signature Required are available.
  3. Nondelivery Option
    1. Specify what PB Standard should do if the package cannot be delivered.
  4. Dangerous Goods
    1. If dangerous goods are in the package, select the category that best describes the contents.
    2. Note: the label will NOT produce display an indication of the dangerous goods. You should mark the package according to the carrier’s guidelines.
  5. Reference Number
    • The Reference Number will appear on the label above the tracking barcode.