This is for Version 2 users

In Version 3, we have included Shipments in the Orders tab.

The shipments list page on Version 2 shows all the shipments that are waiting to be shipped out (or have been shipped out in the past) from your warehouses or from your dropshippers. You can access this tab any time by clicking on “Shipments” in the green strip toward the top of your screen. In the following sections, we will explain what each highlighted (marked with a red rectangle) area of this page means

shipments list 1
1. Filters – This section shows all the different filters.

  • Unshipped:   shipments that are waiting to be shipped out.
  • Shipped: t shipments that have already been shipped out.
  • Dropship: Shipments that have been processed as dropshipments
  • All: All shipping history

2. Main Section – Here you can see all the shipments. You can click on each row to expand and see more details.
shipments list 2

3. Actions – The buttons in this section will cause actions on the shipments that are selected in the main section. In the screenshot above, the buttons are grayed out because no shipments were selected. Once you select one or more shipments from the main section, then the relevant buttons will become active as shown below.
shipments list 3

To see more details about how to create labels in batch from this screen, please see this article.

4. Import / Export – If you want to import tracking numbers from a csv file, or If you want to export shipment data into a csv file, then click on the “Import Tracking Numbers” or “Create Report” buttons respectively.

5. If you want to search through all the shipments, just type in whatever string you want to search by and the main section will automatically filter down to the relevant shipments. You can search using shipment id, customer name, address, product or any information that is present in the shipment.

Note: The search is specific to the filter you are in.  In other words, if you are in the “Unshipped” filter, then it will only search through all the unshipped shipments. If you want to search through all shipments, then click on the “All” filter and then type the string in the search box.

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