To see an overview view of all the different sections in Ordoro Analytics, see this article.

The Product Stats displays the top 20 best selling products in your business. You can filter this list by date range, by sales channel, and by supplier (or brand), and even export this data into a CSV file, selecting the CSV icon in the upper right corner.

The Product Stats are calculated by filtering down to the orders you received within that date range selected and summing up the selling price of each product (this is the Order Line price per product your customer paid in the Sales Channel) and then aggregating by the products. We then sort that list to identify the top 20 best selling products by sales revenue.

In this table, we also show the total number of units purchased and the number of orders the revenue was spread across for the date range selected.

Even though we display only the top 20 products in the UI, you can compare other products’ sales data over the  time period created for your Product Stats. Just search for your SKUs and add them to the list. The report with these additional SKU’s can also be exported by selecting the CSV icon in the upper right corner.

For any other reports, our support team is happy to generate them for you. Please contact our support team at to receive alternative reports.

For reference, the Order Line Price is found in the Order Details Page. The price the customer paid in the Sales Channel is the price Ordoro pulls to calculate the top selling products.


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