If you would like to see a report of how many products have sold within a certain date range follow the steps below to retrieve this report from your Ordoro account:

**DISCLAIMER** If you have kits, this report will only show the total sold for the Parent SKU. The total sold will NOT reflect in the child SKU totals. If the child SKU is also sold as an individual SKU, the total sold will display only for those orders with the child SKU purchased.

  • Click on the Orders tab in the green bar
  • Select Other Actions
  • Select the CSV Export option
  • Select the Date Range of orders (select based on Order Date – the date the order was placed or Shipped Date – the date the order was shipped)
  • Select the Order Detail option from the Level of Detail dropdown menu
  • Select Shipped from the Status Dropdown (this will only pull orders in the Shipped filter)
  • Select the Export button
  • Download the CSV file from the activities menu located to the left of the blue sync button
  • Open the .csv file and SAVE AS a .xlsx file
  • Highlight all data
  • Click on the Data option in the actions menu within Excel
  • Create a Pivot Table – see this link about Pivot Tables

  • Clear everything in the Pivot Table Builder
  • In the Pivot Table Builder, drag the SKU option in the Field Name under the Row Labels field
  • Optional to drag the SKU Description field to Row Labels field under the SKU
  • In the Pivot Table Builder, drag the SHIPPED QTY in the Field Name option under the Values field (MAKE SURE TO SUM!!)
  • Optional to drag the Order Line Price field to the Values area (MAKE SURE TO SUM!!)

If you click on the quantity in the Total column, a new spreadsheet will create with orders associated with the SKU.

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