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We provide free unlimited phone support in many ways  our customers.

1. Phone Support: But offering a phone number is not enough if you have to wait on hold for a long time before you get to talk to one of us. We hate those hold messages. But the reality is that phone lines do get busy and sometimes all of our support personnel may be on calls when you try to reach us. So how do we solve this? It’s simple.

2. Smart Voicemail: We use a smart voicemail system (powered by Talkdesk) for that. If there are no available personnel to answer your call, you will automatically be taken to our voice mail system. You can leave a detailed message. And what happens next is what makes it so efficient.

Your voicemail automatically opens a new support request in our customer support tracking system. We  know which customer called because we can do an instant lookup of your phone number with our customer database.

Once a support person picks up the newly created issue, they can listen to the entire audio recording if they want. If it is an easy answer, we’ll send you an email reply. If we need more information, we’ll call you back at your number. Typically, we call you back within a few minutes, or the latest before the end of the day.  So next time you get our voice mail greeting, go ahead and leave a voice mail.

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