Our developers have come up with a way to migrate the data so that you don’t skip a beat! Rest easy knowing we’ve got a handle on it; however, it’s important to understand how your inventory will be impacted by the jump.

Why we’re making these changes

When we migrate your account, we’re creating a separate, second Ordoro account. We copy your product and PO data to the new account. Once the copying is done, the inventory quantities are not connected between the accounts.

Since the accounts are no longer linked, we leave inventory in the Ordoro 2 account to fulfill the open orders. See below for what happens to the inventory at the time of migration.

How inventory will be migrated

  • As migration occurs, we will look at your unfulfilled orders.
  • In particular, we check which products are on open orders (i.e. which items have Committed quantities.)
  • The quantity needed to ship the open orders will remain in the Ordoro 2 account.
  • The rest of the quantity will be listed in Ordoro 3.

Example of migrated inventory quantities

  • SKU krull-dvd in v2 prior to migration:
    Physical On Hand (POH) = 10
    Total Committed (TC) = 7
    Available On Hand (AOH) = 3
  • SKU krull-dvd in v2 after migration:
    POH = 7
    TC = 7
    AOH = 0
  • SKU krull-dvd in v3 after migration:
    POH = 3
    TC = 0
    AOH = 3
  • The v2 AOH was copied at the time of migration to the v3 POH.  So 3  AOH in v2 becomes 3 POH in v3.
  • And the v2 TC during migration becomes the POH in v2. So 7 TC becomes 7 POH in the v2 account. And this is done so that the inventory is allocated correctly for unshipped orders in v2.

Tips for pre- and post-migration

  • We strongly encourage you to ship out the pre-existing orders in your Ordoro 2 account. Doing so will ensure that your quantities in Ordoro 3 are 100% accurate.
  • If you edit or cancel your pre-migration orders within Ordoro 2, quantity changes WILL NOT be automatically adjusted in Ordoro 3.
  • If you decide to edit or cancel your pre-migration orders, you will need to manually change impacted inventory quantities within Ordoro 3 yourself.
  • Also note, that you will only be able to receive open POs in the Ordoro 3 account.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. But here’s the bottom line — once the migration is completed, your inventory on-hand will be as if all of your orders prior to migration have been processed. Any change to product quantities in your pre-migration orders will not automatically adjust in Ordoro 3!

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