For Ordoro v3:

1. Go to the orders page and select the order(s) you want to ship. Click on the view packing list link to generate all the packing lists and a pick list for this order if needed. On the right hand menu, edit any shipping parameters you need to on the label panel. Click on create label button.
2. Click on the View PDF button your label will be ready to print. Apply the label to your package and send it out!




For Ordoro v2:


1. Go to the orders page and select the orders you want to ship. And then click “Process” button.

Processing an Order

Clicking the “Process” button does the following

  • Ordoro applies the dropshipping business rules on every order. If one of the products in the order is marked as “to be dropshipped”, the Ordoro will split that order and route the relevant portion of the order to the relevant dropship supplier
  • Once the dropship routing is completed, the remaining portion of the order is moved to the Shipments tab as an “Unshipped” shipment

Process Order
2. Now, go to the Shipments tab. You will see the newly created shipments listed there. Select the shipments you want to ship out

  • Click the “Print packing lists” button. That will generate all the packing lists and a pick list.
  • Click the “Create Labels” button

Shipping an Order
3. Once you click on the “Create Labels” button, a new modal window will pop-up and ask you to select the shipping method
Select Shipmethod4. In the next screen, select the printer. And Ordoro will generate a list of labels as a pdf document. You can now print this document on your thermal printer or your desktop printer.

Select Printer



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