The direct-to-printer feature allows you to connect your printers to Ordoro for streamlined label printing. Once labels are generated, they can be sent to your printer with a single click. No more PDF windows, no more unnecessary clicking.

How to enable the direct-to-printer feature:

1. Go to

2. Sign up for an account

3. Download and install PrintNode on the computer that connects to your printer. See PrintNode’s link for instructions on how to download it or see the screenshot below.



4. Open the PrintNode Client on your computer

5. Enter your login credentials

6. Generate an API key

  • Go to
  • Create a new API Key
  • Enter Description, i.e. ordoro
  • Click on Save


7. Copy the API key and enter into Ordoro

  • Select an order with an already generated label from the Shipped filter
  • Click on Send to Printer (beta) in the label modal
  • Enter API Key and click on Update





For more instructions on how to use and set up PrintNode, please visit their DOCS site.

Please note: Ordoro’s direct-to-printer feature is currently in beta and only available on Ordoro v3.

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