Note: You can also set up “Autosync Settings” that will sync your selected information once an hour. See this article to learn more.

Ordoro can import your latest orders, and synchronize inventory levels across all your sales channels on a one-off basis, at your request. Here is how it works.

1. Click on the blue “Sync” button in the top right corner of your account.

Sync Button2. The following window will pop-up. By default, all the order import checkboxes are turned on. Keep these selected if you want to import orders from the selected sales channels.

one time sync
3. To have Ordoro write the inventory quantities back to your channels, select on the “Write Inventory Back” checkbox (Example 1). If you do not want to have your inventory written back to the shopping carts, keep “Write Inventory Back” unchecked (Example 2).autosync 2 3. To sync these selections one time, without changing what will sync automatically every hour, click “Sync Once”. sync 4. When you do this, Ordoro will sync the following ONLY ONCE.

  • Import orders from all the marked channels
  • Write back stock levels (inventory) to all the marked channels

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