Inventory syncing between portals works in the same way as Ordoro writes inventory to your sales channels. The Merchant account acts as the sales channel for the Supplier account in Ordoro, therefore, inventory is able to be synced from the Supplier to the Merchant account. From there, the inventory in the Merchant account can then be synced to the Merchant’s sales channel. See the example below for the Willow DVD product below:

1. In the Supplier account, the Available On Hand inventory total for the Willow DVD is 375. This is the inventory quantity we will sync with the Merchant account.

2. Just like with your sales channels, Ordoro will sync inventory with your Merchant accounts on an hourly basis (contact Ordoro support if you would like this to sync at a different interval). You can access the sync settings for your portal in the Supplier account, just like you would with a sales channel. Select the blue Sync button in the upper right corner, and update the sync settings for your portal account. The Write Inventory Back sync option will write inventory to your Merchant’s account (Click here for details).

3. When Ordoro syncs the supplier inventory to your Merchant account, Ordoro will only write inventory to the Merchant products that are assigned to the Supplier account supplier. This means you’ll need to make sure the Merchant’s products have all been assigned to the Supplier account

NOTE: If your Supplier account hasn’t imported products from your Merchant account, Ordoro will not be able to sync inventory to the Merchant account. Be sure to import products from the Merchant Portal in the sync settings before writing back inventory.

You’ll see in the image below from the Merchant account that the Available On Hand quantity from the supplier account (375) has now been synced to the Physical on Hand quantity in the Merchant account.

Ordoro will write back the Available on Hand quantity in the Merchant account to your Merchant’s sales channel (Assuming inventory sync is turned on for the Merchant account. Click here for details on how to update the inventory sync to your sales channels).

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