If you are dropshipping many of your products, then the distributor of your product may have an XML or CSV feed that you can access. This XML or CSV feed may give you the latest stock levels and other relevant data for every product that is in their catalog. If you want to load those products into Ordoro, or if you want to regularly update the stock levels of those products in Ordoro, you can achieve that with some custom coding using our API.

Here are the high level steps to achieve this –

  1. Review the Ordoro API documentation. As you can see, our API gives you complete flexibility to modify almost anything in your Ordoro account. Our API requires JSON as the data format
  2. If you are interested in creating or updating products or stocklevels, here are the API endpoints you may be most interested in – http://docs.ordoro.apiary.io/#reference/product
  3. Once you understand that API endpoint, the next step is to map your distributor’s data feed format into Ordoro’s required data input format. If the distributor’s datafeed is in XML or CSV format, then you will need to convert that into JSON format
  4. Write some custom code in your favorite programming language to –
    1. Read the distributor’s data feed
    2. Translate into Ordoro API format
    3. Call the Ordoro API end point to create or update the data in your Ordoro account

If you are an experienced developer, these tasks may be very easy for you to do.

If you are not an experienced developer, and if you need references to good developers who are familiar with Ordoro, email us at info@ordoro.com. We work with many 3rd party developers who can do this project for you at an affordable cost and we will refer them to you.

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