Why do I want to be on Ordoro v3 and how do I gain access to it?

The why is quite easy, Ordoro v3 comes with some really powerful features that you’ll be able to take advantage of. You can find a more detailed list on Ordoro v3’s features here.

Now for the how part, you should be aware that migrating an existing Ordoro v2 to a v3 account is technically not possible. However, you have the option to setup a brand new Ordoro account without paying any switching fees. Please read the information below to determine whether or not you want to switch over to Ordoro v3.

What you should know about creating a new v3 account.

  1. Your new Ordoro v3 account comes with another 15-day free trial
  2. Requires set up, including carts, shippers , etc.
  3. v3’s order processing work-flow has changed and comes with a bit of a learning curve
    • Give yourself some extra time to get aquatinted with the new version
  4. We strongly advise to create only test orders and labels until all is configured and you’re ready to use v3 only.
    • For various reasons you may need to re-import products and orders before switching you shipping to v3 only
  5. Your new v3 account will NOT contain your sales channel’s historical order data from v2. Hence, you have one of the following options:
    1. Export your historical order data into a csv file for your personal records and cancel the old v2 account
    2. Keep your v2 account active on a FREE plan so that you can login and access the historical sales/shipping information as needed
  6. If you have a custom API integration build between your current Ordoro v2 account and another app, you may need to make some changes to that since the API endpoints have changed for that. See this link for more details on that.
  7. While we’re not charging any switching fees or additional costs to continue to have access to your old v2 account, please be aware of Ordoro’s Pricing Plans as this may affect your monthly subscription depending on which plan you’re on and features you take advantage off.

Congratulations, you made up your mind to switch over to v3. Now, follow these suggested steps on how to set up the new v3 account.

  1. In your current v2 account, change the emails in both the General and User settings to included the word “ARCHIVED” – (example: ARCHIVED-support@ordoro.com).
    • The v2 account will remain active so you can access the data.
    • You’ll need this ARCHIVED email address to log into the v2 account.
    • NOTE: You can also use an alternate email in the meantime and hold-off on this step until you’re ready to go live with your v3 account.
  2. Go to https://www.ordoro.com/and click the orange  ‘START YOUR 15 DAY FREE TRIAL’ button.
    • You will be able to use your current email as the primary email on the account unless you’re skipping step 1 at this time.
  3. Select your Ordoro plan and enter your credit card information
  4. From there setup the following:
    1. Users: you will be able to use the original emails as well so long as you followed step
    2. Warehouse(s)
    3. Packing List(s)
    4. Cart(s)/Sales Channel(s)
    5. Shipper(s)
      1. DO NOT add any postage to your new USPS shipper account. We will transfer the USPS account and balance from your v2 Ordoro account to v3, or give instruction on when postage can be purchased.
  5. Old v2
    • Let us know if you want to keep or cancel your old  old v2 account
    • If cancelling the old account, we’re happy to assist you with the export of historical order data. Just reach out to support@ordoro.com and we’re happy to email this to you.
  6. Let us know you started a brand new v3 account 
    • Send an email to support@ordoro.com with the new support pin so we can take care of the rest, such as
      • Transfer billing to v3 and ensure your old v2 account remains active
      • Confirm and update your USPS shipper account in the new v3

If you are on a PRO plan and are using one of the following features – dropshipping, supplier info for POs, or kitting – please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary information and steps on how to get this re-imported into Ordoro v3.


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