Ordoro Version 2

NOTE: If you’d like to export ORDER data, see this help article.

You can export all your shipment data into a CSV (comma separate values) file. Then, you can load this file into an excel spreadsheet and slice and dice the data whichever way you want.

For example, you can easily see which shippers you use the most and then negotiate lower rates with UPS/FedEx/USPS/Canada Post. Or you can group orders by SKU and identify repeat buying patterns. Or you can filter out orders by state to figure out your sales tax calculations.

Exporting order data from Ordoro is extremely easy. You can do that in just two clicks. Here is how.

1.  On the Shipments tab, find the “Export” link above the shipment table. Click on it.


2.  Choose the start date and end date in the next screen. (The default values are set to show last 30 days). Select which types of shipments you’d like to export.

Please note that the date range will display the order creation date vs. the actual ship date. For example, if you’re looking for an order shipped January 4th, you may want to extend the search beginning on January 1st. The shipments export will look at when the order was created vs. shipped.


3. Once you click the Submit button, the report will generate. Once it is complete, it will be available for download in the Activity tray.



Ordoro Version 3

There is no concept of shipments in Ordoro Version 3. But you can export order data.

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