If you have set up the dropship rules correctly for all your products, then dropship requests are created and dispatched in batch automatically as you process your orders.

If you don’t want to process dropship requests in batch, you can follow these steps:

1.Click on Orders in the green bar.




2. Click on the orange Order ID that you want to ship.




3. In the Order Detail page, click the orange Create Shipment button.




4. You will be taken to the Shipment Detail page. Here you will click Send to dropshipper or FBA for fulfillment.




5. A pop up will appear. Select your dropshipper from the drop down menu, enter the requested ship method and any additional notes you have for the supplier.






6. By default, the line price will not show up in the request. But if you want the line price to show up, then mark the checkbox that says Show Price.




7. To email the dropship request to the email address on file for your selected supplier, click Email Request. To print a request and view a PDF of the dropship email, click Print Request. 




The email that goes out to each dropshipper will contain the details of the order in the email body, and also a pdf attachment with a packing list that contains your logo.


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