1. In order to create dropshipment requests in batch using Ordoro, you need to first configure the dropshipping rules for each product.

2. Now, as new orders come in, just select the relevant orders and hit the Process button.

Dropship Batch 1

Ordoro applies the dropshipping business rules on every order. If one of the products in the order is marked as to be dropshipped, then Ordoro will split that order and route the relevant portion of the order to the relevant dropship supplier.

Note: If your products have not been designated to Dropship then your supplier will not be notified and the items will sit in the In Process filter

3. If you want to see a list of dropship requests that have been emailed out, go to the Shipments tab and click on the Dropship filter.

Dropship Batch 2

4. The email that goes out to each dropshipper will contain the details of the order in the email body, and also a pdf attachment with a packing list that contains your logo. Here is a screenshot of the email that goes to the dropshipper

Dropship Batch 3


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