If a customer orders from you multiple times and you would like to combine those orders in to one shipment, you have a couple of different options.

First Option (preferred)

  1. Print packing slips for each of the orders you’d like to combine.
  2. Put all the packing slips and items for each of the orders in to one box.
  3. Create a shipping label for that one box.
  4. Copy/paste the tracking information in each of the other orders

Second Option

  1. Add products from the other orders in to one by following these steps
  2. Cancel the other orders
    • Note: This will only cancel the order in Ordoro, not in your sales channel
  3. Ship the single order for all products
    • Note: If you choose this option and are using a cart such as Shopify, you will not be able to automatically write back the tracking information to the orders and will have to do it manually.