Setting the Low Stock Threshold is a key part of managing inventory so that when inventory for your products meets the threshold you can easily reorder more. With Ordoro Pro and Enterprise level plans, you can also schedule Low Inventory reports to be emailed automatically.

Refer to this help article for instructions on how to set the Low Stock Threshold for your products.


  1. When will the notification report be emailed?
  2. What will be contained in the notification email?
  3. How do I set up Low Inventory notifications?

When will the notification report be emailed?

You can schedule the report to run:

  • Hourly
  • Daily (will be sent around midnight UTC*)
  • Weekly (will be sent on Sundays around midnight UTC*)

Tip: Refer to this timezone conversion website to see what midnight UTC translates to for your timezone.


  • Reports begin running at different times per each Ordoro account. The report will be sent to you once it compiles all products.
  • The number of Low Inventory products, warehouses, etc., will impact the run time.
  • Therefore, we cannot specify exactly when the report will be emailed.

What will be contained in the report in the notification email?

  • Email subject line: [Low Stock Report] XYZ products have low inventory
    • XYZ = number of products in low inventory.
  • The report will include a row per product that has met the Low Inventory threshold.
    • If the item is in multiple warehouses, there will be a separate row for each product + warehouse that is less than the threshold.
  • Only handled in-house products will be included (not dropshipped, or automatically dropshipped.)
  • By default, Kit SKUs are not included, but there is an option to add them.
  • The emailed report will be in .csv format with the following headers.
  1. SKU
  2. Product Name
  3. Physical On Hand
  4. Available On Hand
  5. Committed
  6. Reordered
  7. Default Supplier
  8. Warehouse Low Stock Threshold
  9. Location In Warehouse
  10. Warehouse Name

How do I set up Low Inventory notifications?

  1. Go to your Company Name -> Account Settings.
  2. Under General, select Enable Automated Low Stock Notifications.
  1. For Notification Frequency, select Hourly, Daily, or Weekly.
  2. Key in the recipient email address, separating each address with a line break.
  3. Toggle Include Kit SKUs in report if you want the report to include Kit SKUs.

  1. Scrolll to the bottom of the page and be sure to click on Save.

And that’s it! You will start receiving emails from Ordoro, which will include a link to download the report.

Note: the report will be available for download via the link for six months.

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