Ordoro has implemented a new, more streamlined, navigation bar inspired by feedback from our users. The new navigation bar

  • makes your tabs easier to access
  • takes up less real estate
  • works better on mobile devices

Now, let’s get to know the new navigation bar!

Ordoro v2


Ordoro v3


As you can see, the main difference between Ordoro v2 and Ordoro v3 is that the Shipments tab is no longer in Ordoro v3. We have combined all orders and shipments into just the Orders tab for Ordoro v3.

In the Orders tab you will find filters for the following: Awaiting Fulfillment, Shipped, Dropshipment Requested (if Pro account), Cancelled, and All. Please see our article on how to use the orders list page for further details.

All functionality that was available with the last navigation bar will remain the same, but a few of the icons have changed, and some information has moved.

Ordoro v3

1. Click on your company name in the top right-hand corner of your account to access your Settings dropdown. You can also see the current User and Support PIN at the top of the dropdown menu.


2. Need help? Click on the question mark to access our Support Center for articles covering how to best use Ordoro or to submit a support request.


3. Want to see if your sync has finished, check out the Activity button. Clicking on it will show you the last few order imports, inventory exports, products exports, and tracking number exports.







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