1. While creating shipping labels in a batch (as explained in this article), you may encounter error messages on certain shipments. Here is an example.
label errors 1
2. The shipments that failed will remain in the “Unshipped” filter of the Shipments tab and you can easily spot them because of the red X mark on them. Click on the shipment row and it will expand to show more details on why the error occurred.
label errors 2
In the example above, the error message says Endicia error 3021: ‘Unable to validate Ship To address.\n Dial-A-Zip error: Address not found. Error encountered (Log ID: 43997)

This error says that the Ship To address is invalid. So, in the specific case, you should edit the Ship To address of this order and retry creating a shipping label. A great tool for this is USPS “Look up a  Zipcode”.  This can help you find the valid address recognized by USPS and fix the error.

3. Depending on what the error message says, the solutions may be different. But by expanding the shipment row, you will see the specific error message for each shipment. And you can fix them on the fly and retry the label creation.

4. For international shipment the most common errors result from:

  • Selecting non-applicable features such as  ‘delivery confirmation’. Please ensure this box is not checked.
  • Invalid Zipcode
  • Invalid shipping class. Do not select domestic services for international shipments

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