Fedex sometimes gives cryptic error messages while trying to create a shipping label. Here is one example –

FedEx error 8336: Service type not valid with commitment

What does that error message mean? Here is one scenario that can trigger this error.

Let’s say you choose 2-day-shipping as the shipping method, but Fedex knows they can’t deliver the package in 2 days at that address. In other words, Fedex cannot keep their “commitment” for that shipping method for that address. This error message is Fedex’s way of saying that “We can’t do 2-day-shipping to that address”

In Ordoro, before you print the shipping label, you can do the Fedex Rate Request, and it will show you all the valid methods you can ship that package on. All the shipping methods that show up in the Ordoro rate request are valid shipping methods.


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