What is Endicia?

Ordoro connects with the USPS servers through a third-party software called Endicia. This means all requests to print USPS shipping labels must go through an Endicia account. To make shipping through Ordoro easy, we offer an Endicia account FREE with every Ordoro account.

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Do all customers get a FREE postage account for no additional fees?

Yes! You can sign up for a FREE Endicia account through Ordoro at any time.

Why do I need to provide credit card information for activating the FREE postage account?

The postage account is free, however, you will still need a way to purchase postage so you can create labels. The credit card will be charged only for the postage you purchase.

How do I pay for my shipping labels?

When you create a label in Ordoro, the postage amount is deducted from your pre-paid Endicia balance. In order to successfully create a shipping label, you will need to have enough money in your Endicia account to cover the cost.

How do I add postage for my Endicia balance?

Once you set up your Endicia account, you will:

  • Go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Click on Shippers in the drop down menu
  • Enter in the amount of postage you would like to buy
  • Click Add Postage

When you add postage via Ordoro, you will be charged for that postage amount immediately. Endicia requires a pre-paid amount of postage in order to create labels.

enter endicia id

Do I get the best postage rates with the Endicia account?

Yes. Ordoro offers the lowest USPS rates in the industry.

I already have a postage account through Endicia. Can I use that with my Ordoro account?

Since we offer a fully featured Endicia account FREE with every Ordoro account, you will no longer need to keep your own Endicia account. If you have a Free Ordoro account, the provided Endicia account will need to be used. If you are on one of our paid accounts (Basic or Pro), please contact us for the reasoning you would like to continue using your own Endicia account.

Note: If you use your own Endicia account, you will still be responsible for your monthly fee, and will not have access to Ordoro’s discounted shipping rates.

Are there any limitations to the Endicia account that comes with Ordoro?

The Endicia account you create through Ordoro is meant to be used inside Ordoro only. You won’t be able to plug in our FREE Endicia account in any other software (Dazzle, your sales channel, etc.)

If I cancel my Ordoro account, do I get the remaining postage money back?

Yes, of course! When we process your account cancellation, we will also close your Endicia account. Endicia will then refund the remaining postage funds to the credit card on file.

I have more questions about this. How can I get them answered?

We are here for you! Just click on the Send a Support Request button on the right side of the screen or email us at info@ordoro.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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