Yes, we do! Experience the convenience of using Ordoro to support your FedEx One Rate shipments.

FedEx One Rate is an efficient flat-rate shipping method that enables you to ship your products using any of the standard FedEx boxes, regardless of their weight (under 50 lbs). With a selection of 7 One Rate boxes available, you can choose the perfect fit.

How to view FedEx One Rate in Ordoro

1. Select the order to ship and view the Shipping Label panel.

2. Select the One Rate package type in the Shipping Label modal. 

  • One Rate Envelope
  • One Rate Small Box
  • One Rate Medium Box
  • One Rate Large Box
  • One Rate Extra Large Box
  • One Rate Pak
  • One Rate Tube

3. If you’re approved for the FedEx One Rate program, you will see 2 Day shipping rates at One Rate pricing.