Most shopping carts (Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon etc) have a built-in feature to notify your customer when the order is marked as shipped. If you are on one of those platforms that have this feature, we recommend you configure the shipping confirmation email template in that platform to meet your needs. Ordoro will notify the platform when the order is shipped, and the platform will automatically send a shipping confirmation email to your customer.

But if you are selling on a platform that does not have the ability to send out shipping confirmation emails, then you can use Ordoro’s automated shipping confirmation email feature to notify your customer. When creating a label, you will need to click the box next to Notify ship to/ bill to for these emails to be sent.

For now, the Ordoro email template offers only limited customization features. You can edit the logo, and you can edit Additional Details. Rest of the email body template is fixed, and the information gets automatically populated from the order.

Here is what the shipping confirmation email looks like in my GMail inbox.

Shipping Confirmation Email

Click Here for more information on how to edit your company logo on notify send to/bill to emails

To edit Additional Details, you simply click on the order number you are shipping. In this orders detail page, you can see an Additional Details field. this is where you can customize a message for your notify send to/bill to emails.


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