As you buy labels, your Endicia balance will decrease. To add more postage to your account you can either go to “Settings” -> “Shipping” -> “Add Postage” or you can set up your Endicia account to automatically repurchase postage for you when the balance falls below a certain amount. Here is how that works.

1. Login into your account. *If you do not know your Endicia log in information, please reach out to Ordoro Support at for those credentials.*

2. And click on My Account then Update Profile from the top navigation bar.

Endicia auto repurchase postage 1

3. Select Auto-Purchase Settings from the drop down menu.

4. The next screen will show you Purchase Trigger Amount and Purchase Amount. Type in the appropriate values and click on Enable.

Endicia auto repurchase postage 2

That’s it. From now on, if your balance hits the Purchase Trigger Amount, the system will automatically purchase additional postage for you.


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