If you see the following error message while trying to import your data from your BigCommerce store, it ALWAYS means that you have set up the BigCommerce connection inside Ordoro incorrectly. Here is a screenshot of this error in the Ordoro Activity Dropdown.

If you encounter this error, please login into your BigCommerce admin panel and make sure that you have done the following –

  1. Your userprofile is allowed to use the XML API
  2. The XML API token in the BigCommerce admin panel is 40 chars long and is correctly set in Ordoro

The best way to get this right is to follow the steps described in this article. We have often seen that other BigCommerce users miss out on Step 5 in that article and forget to save the settings in BigCommerce. If you connected to Ordoro via the BigCommerce App store, remove the app and re-add it.

Once you go through those steps again, and make sure that you have set XML API access permissions correctly, then login into Ordoro, go to the Products tab, and click on “Import from Cart”. This time the import should go through without an error.

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