If the order is selling the very last of your inventory for a specific item, you may come across this error:

The quantity specified is greater than the quantity of the product that is available to ship

This means that BigCommerce did not accept the tracking information for the order as BigCommerce believes that you do not have enough inventory to ship out the order.

The solution is to log in to your BigCommerce store and increase the inventory for the product on the order to match the quantity that you are attempting to ship out. This will allow Ordoro to write back the tracking number and fulfill the order.

To see if Ordoro has written back a tracking number to your order and marked it as fulfilled, you have two options.

  1. You can go to BigCommerce and check the order status
  2. You can visit Ordoro’s Order History:
    • Go to Orders
    • Search for the Order ID
    • Click on the Order ID so you will go to the Order Detail page
    • Open the Order History tab if in Ordoro version 2 or view the Timeline if you’re in Ordoro version 3. There you will see a notation of Ordoro’s attempts to write back the tracking information.

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