Ordoro has recently introduced our Amazon Listing Creator feature. You can create your products in Ordoro and then list the products in your Amazon Seller Central account.

**Please note this feature is still in Beta.**

To start listing your approved items on Amazon, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Products tab in your Ordoro account
  2. Click on the SKU (orange link) you would like to list on Amazon – this will take you to the Product Details page
  3. Enter the ASIN that matches the product on Amazon in the ASIN field
  4. Click back into the Products tab
  5. Select the checkbox next to the Product
  6. Click on the List on Amazon option

**NOTE** If you have more than one Amazon cart connected to Ordoro, when you select the List on Amazon option, a new window will appear so you can select which Amazon cart to list the product:


That’s it! Once the List on Amazon option has been selected, Ordoro will connect and post the product listing in your Amazon cart.



  1. You must have approval from Amazon to list certain products and brands. Ordoro will create the listing in the Amazon Seller Central account, however, the listing will remain INCOMPLETE if you are not approved to sell the product/category. Please see this list for more information on categories and products requiring approval from Amazon.
  2. To avoid Amazon account suspension, please follow Amazon’s Condition Guidelines and policies regarding product authenticity when creating new listings. For further information, please contact Amazon Seller Central support.
  3. Listings will be listed as INACTIVE in Amazon. At the moment, Ordoro does not push price or inventory when creating the listings. Please log into your Seller Central account to add the inventory and price to activate the listing. Ordoro will update inventory to the listing as orders start to import into the Ordoro account.
  4. Multiple listings will not be created with the same ASIN and SKU. Example: ASIN ABC is listed for SKU A in Ordoro, Ordoro creates the listing in the Amazon account. Then ASIN XYZ is entered for SKU A in Ordoro and Ordoro lists on Amazon. The ASIN ABC listing in Amazon will be replaced with the new ASIN XYZ. (A second listing will NOT be created)


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